iGM4U - AI GM - Artificially Intelligent Game Master

Now With Starforged Sectors!

This Artifical Game Master for STARFORGED is meant to help with the Generation of Star Systems and Planets

All the text is written into the editor window which supports lots of formatting of the text. You can grab sections of other web pages (including images) and drop them into the page too. They should retain most of their formatting.

Don't forget to use the SAVE button fairly regularly, especially before leaving the page, if you want the system to remember the contents

The data is stored in your browser's memory (it is NOT stored on the iGM4U Site). You can save and restore the Stories, but I advise you to occasionally either use the STORE DATA tool and copy the data into a text file on your machine, or copy the whole Story into a Word document or Google Doc for safe-keeping. You might otherwise inadvertently clear your browser's localStorage some time and lose your work.

If you have any comments/suggestions, please contact me at mick.hand@igm4u.com

The AI_GM is the invention of Mick Hand and is offered free of charge.
Ironsworn: STARFORGED belongs to Shawn Tomkin

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